Get the life insurance you need

Life insurance can be very important insurance
to purchase especially when it comes to your
family’s security.

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Get Safe. Stay Safe

Discounts available for both auto and home insurance!

Get better rates now before its too late!

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Life Happens

​Protect your family & the things you’ve
worked so hard for.

Taking care of people – That is the essence of our business.For over a half century, Sass Associates has a proven track record of offering quality service and benefits to individuals and their families.

Life Lessons

Lets Keep Going

Lets Keep Going

All of our Life Lessons can serve as reminders to say “I love you” ... today. But how will you say it tomorrow? How will you keep all the good in your life going tomorrow and beyond? We can help.

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"The people of Sass Associates could not have been more supportive"

Sass client of over 15 years