Global Emergency Services

*** You, your spouse and minor, dependent children (whether traveling together or separately) now have access to Assist America’s medical travel assistance services.  With one simple phone call, you will be connected to a global network of:


*** Over 600,00 pre-qualified medical providers.


*** State-of-the-art Operation Centers with immediate worldwide response capabilities.


*** Air and ground ambulance service providers.


*** The Operation Centers are staffed and trained with multi-lingual personnel, including nurses and doctors, to advise and assist you quickly and professionally in a medical emergency.



Key Benefits


Medical Consultation and Evaluation

Your call to the Operation Center is evaluated by medical staff and referred to English-speaking, Western-trained doctors and/or hospitals.


Hospital Admission Guarantee

Assist America will guarantee hospital admission for you or your dependent if you are outside the United States by validating your health coverage or by advancing funds to the hospital.


Emergency Evacuation

Whenever adequate medical facilities are not available locally, Assist America will use whatever mode of transport, equipment and personnel necessary to evacuate you or your family member to the nearest facility capable of providing required care.


Critical Care Monitoring

Assist America’s team of doctors, nurses, and other medically trained personnel will stay in regular communication with the attending physician and/or hospital and relay information to your family and employer.


Medically Supervised Repatriation

If you or your dependent is ready to be discharged from the hospital but is still in need of medical assistance, Assist America will repatriate you to a rehabilitation facility or to your home, and if necessary, provide a medical or non-medical escort.


Prescription Assistance

If you or a dependent forgets or loses a prescription medication, Assist America will arrange for a replacement.


Emergency Message Transmission

Assist America will receive and transmit emergency messages.


Transportation to Join Patient

If you are traveling alone and will be hospitalized for more than seven days, Assist America will provide economy round-trip common carrier transportation to the place of hospitalization for a designated family member or friend.


Care for Minor Children

If a minor child is left unattended as a result of the accident or illness, Assist America will provide one-way economy transportation, with attendants if required, to the place of residence.


Return of Mortal Remains

In case of the death of a participant, Assist America will render every possible assistance in the return of mortal remains including locating a sending funeral home to prepare the body for transport, procuring required documentation, providing necessary shipping container as well as paying for transport.


Interpreter, Counseling and Legal Referrals

Assist America will refer you to an interpreter, counselor or legal personnel, as necessary.