Health & Wellness

Get Healthy. Stay Healthy.

A suite of wellness products.


Discount Services

GetWell's GetMore health-related services bridge the gap between your health plan and your budget with significant discounts on dental, vision and prescription services.

$10 per month

  • Dental discounts
  • Vision discounts
  • Precription drug discounts
  • alternate medicine discounts


Wellness Services

GetWell's GetLiving provides an all-inclusive approach to achieving your family's best health with discounts on health coaching, fitness programs, immunizations - and more!

$19 per month

  • Fitness program discounts
  • MealEasy.com
  • Preventative activity coaching & tracking
  • Vitamin & supplement discounts
  • Immunization discounts


Medical Assistance

GetWell's GetHealth is intant medical help - including secure online access to your records and 24/7 phone or web access to physicians who can prescribe medicine.

$15 per month

  • Teladoc
  • Nurse line
  • Health advocacy
  • MyMedicalRecords.com


Life Line Screening

GetWell's GetSure offers an affordable, one-time Life Line Screening that actually looks for undetected health conditions - allowing you to be confident about your helath.

One time screening for several asymptomatic, potentially life - threatening conditions